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uploaded date: 2022-04-10
posted by: Bonheur MUDAGIRI


Not taking your medicaments as prescribed by doctor or pharmacist could lead to your disease getting worse, being hospitalized, even death is not a surprise.

Well, the health and wealth are some of the things that most of people take as essential for their lives.

When you get sick or ill, you just go to the health center to get treated and sometimes they have to do a surgery or they prescribe some medicaments you have to take which you know little or nothing about how they must be utilized. The medicaments that we take we take were developed to treat illness but improper use of them can lead to serious consequences.

Not taking your medicaments as prescribed by doctor or pharmacist could lead to your disease getting worse, being hospitalized, even death is not a surprise.

Why people don’t take medications as prescribed?

Many patients don’t take medicaments as they are told by the health care providers due to different reasons:

1.       Not understanding the directions on medications and the state of their body : this is the big challenge that we do have worldwide because people don’t know what type of the medication that they have to take in regard to their health states or ages. For example, the commonly used drugs in neonates, infants and young children are antimicrobial agents eliminated primarily through kidney due the facts that their urinary system is not yet well developed. You find parents who offer their children drugs that their body can’t handle which results in serious side effects that may even kill them.


2.       FORGETFULNESS: this happens often when there are multiple medications with different regimes, this make it hard to remember as the prescription are written and the patient knows little or nothing to the written language which makes it worse for the patient to take them correctly.


Some do not take medicaments due to the lack of enough money to buy them. The patients with chronic diseases that require to take medicaments for long time and most of the time those medications are expensive .some prefer to take it only when the disease is getting worse which is not good for their health. Here in Rwanda We are grateful to have health insurance like mituel de sante and other private insurance despite of not covering all expenses. The patient is obliged to talk to the doctors and pharmacist to look for the way they can offer the medicaments that they can afford instead of stopping to take them which can make it worse for your health.

4.       Some stop medication when they feel better: there is a period where the person feels as cured while the pathogens are still in body in their dormant state. Here the person feels good but after sometimes the pathogens may became active and even can kill the patients. For example

If a patient with blood pressure doesn’t take medication as directed, they risk serious diseases repercussions which increase the chance of stroke, kidney failure as well as heart diseases.



What are the effects of not taking medicaments as prescribed by pharmacists or doctors?


Normally, medications cure when taken in the right dose with consideration of the patient’s body metabolism, age, weight and response to treatment. When   this is not fulfilled there are some common side effects like Fever, headache and others that may increase its severity as the time goes on.

In order to understand how bad it is, let’s take a look at the side effects of   COARTEM which is used to treat malaria and is taken by mouth, with food, as prescribed by doctors.

Coartem is an antimalarial medication used to treat malaria in adults and children. It kills the malaria parasites living inside the red blood cells of the patient.

The patient have to take this medication twice a day for 3 days. Each dose consists of one to four tablets, depending on body weight and age.

  This medicament has  common side effects in adults and children  such  as headache, feeling dizzy after taking it, feeling weak, loss of appetite ,chills and more others but they disappear after a certain duration.

Coartem can cause serious side effects when misused or when there is overdose.

They include:

1. A heart problem which causes abnormal heartbeat to the people who take coartem, sometimes it become worse to the level of death.

2. Allergic reactions: this is a serious side effect that may be observed through its symptoms like fast heartbeat, trouble swallowing or breathing and tightness of the throat. If you get any of these symptoms you are obliged to get emergency medical help.


Though I mentioned the above side effects of coartem, we still use coartem for curing malaria since its treatment efficiency is 96% in Rwanda as mentioned by Rwanda biomedical Centre (RBC) and has helped this country to reduce malaria incidence from 401 cases per 1000-person in 2019-2020 as the ministry of health said. We must use medications as prescribed by doctors or pharmacists for better healthy  as well as wealthy by using money that we could spend to cure the side effects caused by not taking medicaments as prescribed.


For reference you may refer to the following websites:




and that of ministry of health.


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